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Olive & Sinclair is Tennessee’s first and only bean-to-bar chocolate company. Slow-roasted and stone-ground, O&S was founded in 2007. O&S takes pride in their take on bean-to-bar chocolate known as Southern Artisan Chocolate. When Scott and Jason came to Sideshow Sign Co. in 2016 in hopes for a packaging refresh, we were super excited. We convinced them that a complete rebrand, including a new logo, would be the best move, and we both were really happy with the end result.

Olive & Sinclair was a reputable brand throughout the South before the rebrand, so we had to keep that in mind when designing a new logo. The existing logo had hierarchy issues, but had a very iconic shape. We broke down the logo and kept elements that were already in line with the new brand vision we had. We modified the silhouette, fixed the hierarchy, and edited the cacao bean crest that sits atop the badge.

We created a badge for each of Olive & Sinclair’s eight kinds of chocolate bars. The badge acts as a sticker seal that wraps around the bar and keeps the chocolate box shut. For the new packaging, we went from a thin paper wrapper to a thick paper box like you would find in an old candy store. We simplified the look and feel, while keeping all the important details that tell you about the chocolate bar.

We also created some extra design elements that Olive & Sinclair could use across their merchandise, packaging, and digital channels. These assets help solidify the visual presence of the new identity we created.


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